The Evolution in
Contactless Payment and Ticketing

cVEND is the evolution of secure contactless payment and ticketing for public transport vehicles and for stationary ticket machines. The new series consists of three different devices: cVEND plug, cVEND box and cVEND box+

Contactless payment with global credit cards

Payment with "Tap & Go", practically in passing: no signature or PIN with contactless credit cards or NFC smartphones with Payment App.

Contactless ticketing: safe and reliable (eg, VDV-KA, ITSO, Calypso etc.)

Contactless payment with global credit cards

Maximum flexibility

In addition to various unit types cVEND offers maximum flexibility in software architecture. You have a choice between secure contactless readers and a flexible platform. The secure contactless readers (cVEND plug reader and cVEND box reader) support both credit cards and ticketing and easily usable reader interfaces.

Maximum flexibility

The flexible, secure platform provides a secure Linux controller for customer applications. It replaces extra controllers, for example in validators, and is a flexible, powerful and cost-effective plug-in solution. With the flexible secure platform, you have the choice between an EMVCo Level 2 FEIG kernel or a custom kernel. Whatever you choose, you can rely on the latest PCI certification that FEIG provides. PCI certification guarantees the optimum working life of every cVEND device.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

cVEND devices are equipped with a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK).
The Linux-based SDK both reduces the development cycle and provides maximum security and performance.

In addition to various tools, SDK also includes technical support and, if necessary, individual training.

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